Trust Accounting in 2023: A Lawyer’s Guide

Although legal firms are frequently involved in trust accounting for estate planning and other purposes, “legal trust accounting” refers to a different, separate practice. Trust accounting is a specialized branch of accounting that pertains to the handling and management of client funds by law firms. When considering trust accounting software, one of the first things to decide is whether you want a cloud-based or local installation.

Just as your clients rely on your expertise with the law, there comes a point when you need to call in accounting professionals. Whether it means using legal accounting software to simplify and automate your accounting, hiring a professional legal accountant, or both—don’t be afraid to delegate when you need to. The best legal accounting software also saves you time while reducing errors and unlocking easy, useful financial reporting capabilities.

With all of your financial information at hand, you can easily see where your money is going and make adjustments as necessary. This integration allows for seamless data sharing and eliminates the need for duplicate entries, enhancing overall efficiency and reducing administrative burdens. Additionally, our software offers a National Standard format and a National Standard Guardianship/Conservatorship format that is accepted by most states. You can go with an accrual or cash accounting method in the US, and the difference is mostly about timing.

What is Trust Accounting Software?

So, with double-entry accounting, every financial transaction gets sorted into a specific category (assets, liabilities, or equity). Double entry accounting is a helpful practice for lawyers to know about, as it provides an extra guard against errors. Accounting for law firms lets you collect and analyze information, and make data-driven decisions based on what money comes in and leaves your firm, so it’s worth it to pay attention. Reliable bookkeeping for attorneys also provides accurate financial data for legal accountants to work with. Legal accounting solutions will calculate billable hours and your preset hourly rate to create an invoice.

CosmoLex’s software for law firms is packed with all the features of trust accounting that legal teams need to manage complex transactions for trust accounts. And the best part is these trust bookkeeping tools work automatically in the background while users work on other tasks within the legal billing software. Look for trust accounting legal software that seamlessly integrates with your existing legal practice management software, general accounting software, and other tools you use for billing and invoicing. Your trust accounting software should add to your tech stack, not detract from it.

The tax implications of this method also allow your firm to pay tax on income once it’s received and in the bank. The firm could face compliance issues, and their books will be inaccurate (skewing the value of any accounting data derived from them). This is a list of all your firm’s financial accounts, giving you a framework for where to record every transaction. Whether intentional or through neglect, violations of compliance regulations—like mishandling client funds—can lead to serious repercussions.

What you get with our fiduciary accounting software

Trustbooks has helped simplify what was an incredibly complicated, frustrating, and time-consuming part of my practice. I was trying to keep track of so many different binders, sheets of paper, excel 7 steps to a budget made easy spreadsheets, and bank receipts; it was a nightmare. Following these guidelines and maintaining good recordkeeping can protect your reputation as a lawyer and avoid legal and financial consequences.

Trust accounting involves managing and tracking financial transactions related to client trust accounts, while also ensuring that funds are safeguarded and properly allocated. So a way to find trust accounting software that will work for your law firm is to get recommendations from other lawyers. Many law firms use general accounting software for their trust accounting needs, but this is not ideal.

What are some of the best practices in trust accounting?

With legal accounting software, records and transactions can be automatically applied to specific client accounts, making it easier to find the information you need quickly. Trust accounting must be done correctly in order for law firms to stay compliant. CosmoLex helps firms stay in compliance with regulations and standards set forth in the legal industry.

Clio Manage: For legal practice management that supports accounting for law firms

The banks would typically donate the interest to a program or charity controlled by the state bar. But they still fulfill their ethical and fiduciary obligations by safeguarding their clients’ money. It takes into account all of the trust accounting requirements of the State Bar and helps make sure you comply with them. Trustbooks has simplified the trust accounting for my firm and I no longer dread doing reconciliations or an audit from the State Bar. Manage your billing, collections and trust accounting directly in PracticePanther.

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In the legal industry, trust accounting is governed by specific compliance rules that attorneys must abide by. For example, client funds in trust accounts cannot commingle with money held in the law firm’s general accounts. Additionally, any fees for storing trust account funds, like credit card processing fees, must be charged to the law firm, not the client funds.

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For example, with QuickBooks Online and Clio, manage your firm’s financial information, trust transactions and disbursements, and online payments in one integrated cloud-based solution. You save time and reduce the risk of error meeting client, firm, bar association, and law society obligations. It is important to remember that trust account funds must be kept separate from the firm’s funds and accurate records must be kept of all deposits and withdrawals. Trust accounting rules may vary by jurisdiction, so it is important to be familiar with the specific guidelines in your state. Confidently achieve trust and operating compliance with PracticePanther’s native trust accounting software.

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