Minutes Business Meeting of IG728 December 1st 2021

n Attendance:

Arjan – observer (Sunday 9am/Wednesday 9am-Meetings) (attending at the end)

Brenda – Tuesday 6pm meeting


Elisabeth – Sunday 9am tradition meeting

Jen – Wednesday 6pm meeting

Magda – Early Risers meetings 6am

Rob – observer (Thursday 12pm lunchtime meeting)

Sandi – observer (attending at the end)

Susan – Friday 6pm meeting

Ulrich – chair

1. Agreement on the minutes from business meeting November 1st2021

The minutes from the last meeting on November 1st 2021 wereapproved. 

2. Updating Website

The password for entering the Zoom-meetings remains 711. 

The meetings shall be informed that there might be the problem that fellows, who try to enter individual meetings from Team up are not able to get into the meeting because they don´t have this password. The suggestion is to change the Team up listing so that there is a direct link to the meeting that includes the password. This can only be done by each individual meeting. 

Rob puts forward a suggestion to change the website from a wordpress.com format to a wordpress.org format since in the wordpress.org format it s easier to do changes in the website. He suggests to make it possible for each meeting to include the script of the meeting in the website so that fellows can take the script from the website and read it if no fellow is present in the meeting who can screenshare the script. His suggestion includes that the user will be forwarded from acafellowworldtravelers.com to an new URL where the new website in wordpress.org format is hosted. Due to this forwarding there won´t be problems that fellows can´t find the FWT website when they come across the FWT website links on other websites.

According to Rob the costs for this new concept will be about 60 USD a year in the first year and about 120 USD a year in the following years.

Motion made by Ulrich and seconded by Susan to sum up the suggestion made by Rob:

“Business meeting agrees that Rob changes the website from a wordpress.com format to a wordpress.org format and that the above mentioned costs will be paid by IG 728.”

The motion is passed with 4 votes in favour, none against and no abstentions.

Meetings that want their script to be included in the website are asked to send it to Rob via Googledrive (bythenec@gmail.com).

In the business meeting it was asked to include in the minutes a suggestion for a wording for 7th tradition for meetings that want to asktheir fellows to send it directly to  Intergroup:

 “Our 7th Tradition states, “Every ACA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.” Please send donations via PAYPAL directly to Fellow World Travelers Intergroup at the followingemail address:  treasureraca@yahoo.com

Your donations help pay for our zoom account andwebsite maintenance. If the Intergroup gets more donations thanneeded, they will send them to the ACA World Service Organisation.”

3. Managing Zoom

As answer to a question it was confirmed that the IG will pay for the Zoom-accounts that are used by the meetings. Therefore the Zoom-accounts will be available for the meetings without a time limit.

Motion by Ulrich, seconded by Rob, concerning the work of the Tech-Team:

“Business meeting decides to give the responsibilities and the necessary access data as admin for the technical tools used by IG to the following fellows:

·      Website: Paul

·      Zoom: Arjan, Alaska

·      Slack: Arjan 

·      WhatsApp: Paul, Natalie”

The motion is passed with 5 votes in favour, none against and no abstentions.

Ulrich as chair has all access data in a Lastpass-account and will give the access data to the above mentioned fellows (doesn´t apply for WhatsApp). Business meeting agrees that Ulrich puts Rob and Arjan as securitry-backup in the Lastpass-account so that they can access the account if necessary.

4. Report of the treasurer

Tabatha didn´t attend the meeting. It still remains to be verified that theexpected money from former IG 711 has been transferred to the Paypal account of IG 728.

Ulrich reports that the spendings of IG 728 on Zoom-accounts, website(GoDaddy, WordPress) and Lastpass amounts to about 600€ each year. With the cost for the new website it will be about 700€ each year.

5. WhatsApp „ACA FWT Info Channel“

Paul and Natalie are Admin and can make posts. So fellows can send post to the Admins and ask them to post it and the Admins decide whether to do so or not. There is a link on acafellowworldtravelers.com to become member of the WhatsApp channel.

6. Text on IG 728

Ulrich reports that he has sent the draft of the paper that describes IG for the meetings/fellows  to Tabatha and Paul as has been agreed on in last business meeting. They didn´t make suggestions for changes. He presents the paper again and the attending fellows express their support for it.

Motion by Ulrich, seconded by Rob: “The paper on IG 728 will be send to the fellows attending this business meeting. They have to weeks time to send suggestions for changes to Ulrich. Ulrich will integrate these suggestions and will finalize the paper. The paper will then be send to all meetings and will be used in an adapted form for the website.”

The motion is passed with 5 votes in favour, none against and no abstentions.

7. Contact to the meetings /  8. Support for the meetings to get Service members

These points are discussed together. Arjan reports that he has visited several meetings that need more fellows taking over service positions. Attending fellows agree.

Business meeting agrees that this topic shall be discussed in detail at the next business meeting. In preparation for the discussion an inventory shall be done which meetings are especially in need to fill service positions. Arjan and Ulrich will work on this and Susan, Elisabeth and Sandi volunteer to support them.

9. Next steps / next meeting 

Magda announces a new meeting on the ACA traditions that is planned by fellows attending the Early Risers meetings. The meeting will take place once a month each 3rd

Saturday, 5pm CET. Fellows from all meetings are invited to take part.

Ulrich states that he is willing to prolong his commitment as chair until the end of June 2022. The business meeting agrees.

Date of next meeting: January 10th, 6.00 pm until 7.30 pm CET.

December 19th 2021