Recommendations on the safety of online meetings of IG 728

As the meetings on are run via Zoom some measures are important to support the safety of the meetings.

Every meeting should have a Zoom Host and a Co-Host who helps keep the meetings safe and serene.

Tasks of Host:

Tasks of Co-Host:

Precautionary measures against Zoom bombing (partly Integration of WSO Tech Policies)

  1. The Zoom Host and Co-Host are ready before the participants enter the meeting. This 2-person composition increases the ability to monitor and facilitate a safe meeting for all.
  2. For the Host and the Co-Host a laptop or computer is recommended to be used to address the situation more effectively and efficiently.
  3. If an event with a Zoom Bomber occurs the Host or Co-Host addresses the issue. Host will notify participants that the disturbance will be handled and that an active protocol is being enforced. Host should let the participants know that the meeting room will be locked and will be reopened once the threat has been resolved.
  4. The participants are asked to remain calm. They are encouraged to take their own self-care processes like gentle break from the meeting (turning away from their Zoom application for a few minutes or even logging off briefly and rejoin at a later time). This will allow everyone to be actors of their own accord in their personal safety.
  5. Technical Protocol done by Host or Co-Host:
  6. Disable the Chat function.
  7. Mute all participants by unchecking the “Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves.”
  8. Uncheck “Allow Participants to Rename Themselves.” This will disable the bomber to keep using different names in the process of discovery.
  9. Lock the meeting. This function prevents multiple bombers to overrunning the room.
  10. Find the offending participant’s image.

– Mute the offending participant.

– Stop their video.

– Remove the participant from the meeting and disable them thereby from rejoining the meeting.

Zoom guide for meetings

WSO Zoom Bombing Tech Protocols