Minutes Business Meeting of IG 728 February 9th 2022, 6-7.30 PM CET

In Attendance:

Andy O. –  Lovingparentlunchtime group Tue Thr Fri, observer

Anita – Early Risers meetings, observer

Brenda – Tuesday 6pm meeting

Elisabeth – Sunday 9am tradition meeting

Magda – Early Risers meeting Thursday 6am

Paul – Saturday 8pm Relationships Meeting & new Complex PTSD Meeting

Rob – Lovingparentlunchtime group Tue Thr Fri, observer

Ruth  – Saturday 9am BRB Step 1 Study meeting & new Reparenting WB Study Meeting

Susan – Friday 6pm meeting

Ulrich – chair

1. Agreement on the minutes from business meeting January 10th 2022

The minutes from the last meeting on January 10th 2022 were approved.

2. Information on Meetings

a) Meetings that joined IG (Meetings are part of IG website already)

b) New Meetings that joined IG (not part of our website yet)

The business meeting agrees unanimously that no vote of the business meeting is necessary to decide whether new meetings can join IG.

c) Overview: Meeting attached to IG 728

Tuesday evening6pm

d) These meetings from website acafellowworldtravelers.com that cooperate

e) Support was given to Meetings for updating the listing on WSO adultchildren.org + WSO Teamup:

Tuesday evening6pmStrengthening my recoveryWEB0176
Saturday evening8pmRelationshipsWEB0166

Still no correct listing on adultchildren.org:

Monday evening6pmACA in workplaceWEB0175
Wednesday evening6pmACA 12 StepsWEB0096
Friday evening6pmStrengthening my recoveryWEB0171
Saturday morning11amReparenting/LPWEB0165

Not on WSO Website at all:

Thursday evening6pmLL WB/12 Traditions
Thursday evening8pmBRBe

3. Updating Website / New Website

Rob presents the draft of the new website and asks all fellows for comments or suggested changes. Some suggestions have been discussed.

As agreed on in the last Busines Meeting, Ulrich sent the link of the new website in development (www.acafwt.com) to all meetings and asked for suggestions for adjustments until February 21th 2022. Then Rob will rework the new website finally and will upload it so that the new website then will be found on www.acafellowworldtravelers.com

The business meeting agrees unanimously that all meetings represented on the website acafellowworldtravelers.com can use the Zoom accounts without any temporal limitation independently on whether they have joined IG 728 or not.

4. Report of the treasurer

As Tabatha is not present Ulrich reports that expenses of IG 728 amount to about 800 € yearly instead of the 700 € yearly reported in last business meeting since the calculated costs for the Zoom accounts didn´t include taxes.

Business meeting discusses the question whether it is possible to avoid fees for donating 7th tradition via PayPal. One idea is, that it might be possible if IG would have one PayPal account in Europe and another in the United States. Another suggestion is to include a page in the new website with different possibilities to pay 7th tradition similar to the WSO website (https://adultchildren.org/7th-tradition/).

5. Zoom-Accounts

Since a Zoom bombing occurred in one meeting business meeting considers how to help meetings to prepare for that kind of problem. The new website shall include a page with information on the topic how to work in a safe way with Zoom. To generate the content Rob will ask a skillful fellow he knows and moreover the available information from WSO will be included (e.g. WSO Zoom Bombers Protocols).

6. WhatsApp „ACA FWT Info Channel“

Paul reports that the channel has 257 members at the moment. He is posting several messages each month. He is interested to get feedback from fellows.

7. Slack Channel

Nothing to report.

8. Support for the meetings to get Service members

Business meeting develops the idea to include a page on the new website on the topic of service in ACA meetings. This shall include some short information on how to do it and about how it can support the recovery process. ACA meetings provide a safe place to practice in a loving environment.

The page shall include the sharing of experience, strength and hope on this topic.

Ulrich prepares a first draft for the next meeting.

9. Next steps / next meeting

Date of next meeting will be on March 8th, 6pm until 7.30pm CET.

February 10th 2022