Below is an appreviated notes sheet you can have open when hosting, you can use it to remind you of the steps (no, not those steps…) and to cut and paste PHRASES into chat or DMs to suspects in WAITING.
This CHEAT SHEET is included as a separate file by this author (kca).

SETTINGS: uncheck all except CHAT and UNMUTE THEMSELVES.

scan/identify, SUSPEND, uncheck CHAT, unmute and say < phrase1 >, post into chat < phrase1 >. enable WAITING, send suspects to WAITING, UNSUSPEND, unmute and say < phrase2 >, query suspects in WAITING with < phrase3 >, let others in after 10 seconds, quarantine suspects in WAITING with < phrase4 >, if allelse fails, LOCK.


: “Security measures are now active, please stand by, we’re working to safe the meeting, no need to leave”

: “Hosts, let’s try to resume the meeting now. Chat will be disabled until the end of the meeting”

: “Our meeting was just disrupted, please turn on your video to be let into the meeting from the waiting room, it will turn off upon entry”

: “Sorry, you are suspected of being a disruptor and will not be allowed into this meeting. If you are not a disruptor, we are sincerely sorry this is happening to you; it’s our best effort to keep the meeting safe, and you will NOT be considered a suspected disruptor once this meeting is over.”